Common barcoding mistakes and how to avoid them

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Having issues with barcodes can be difficult and frustrating. Unscannable and unreadable barcodes can cause larger issues throughout your entire supply chain.

There are a few common barcode issues that you should look out for when creating your barcodes and how you can avoid them. Looking out for these things and using a trustworthy barcode creation app can help you create perfect barcodes.

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Incorrect Barcode Symbology

Barcode symbology, or barcode type, is very important. Picking the wrong label type for your products can make unscannable barcodes. For example, if you use an EAN-13 barcode instead of a UPC for non-book retail products, it will not scan properly, although the two types look similar. 

If you use the wrong type of barcode, you may be trying to input the wrong information for the barcode type you’ve selected. Choosing the wrong barcode symbology for your data can also impact product traceability and supply chain efficiency.

Barcode Producer helps suggest the best barcode symbology for you to use for your data and product data. Our symbology guide has information on all major barcode symbologies and can help you learn about each symbology and decide which is the best fit for your needs. 

Barcode Design Issues

These are a few of the common barcode design issues people encounter with other barcode design programs. If you’ve selected the right barcode type but your barcode isn’t reliably scanning, you’ll want to check these common issues below that may make your barcode unscannable. 

Low Contrast

Having a low contrast between the background and barcode colors can create an unreadable barcode. Most barcodes are black and white because these high-contrast colors are easy for barcode scanners to read. Customizing your barcode colors too much can be bad for your barcodes.

If you plan on customizing your barcode’s colors, we recommend making as few changes as possible and keeping the colors in high contrast to have the best readable barcode possible. 

Inadequate Size or Resolution

Altering the size or resolution of your barcode too much can distort your barcode and make it unreadable. Using distorted barcodes that appear normal but are unscannable can create inventory issues or revenue losses for your business. 

Barcode Producer has size and resolution recommendations for all barcode types. In the software, Barcode Producer will tell you if your barcode size or resolution is outside the recommended parameters that keep it readable. Once you’ve exported your barcode from Barcode Producer, it’s recommended not to alter the size of your barcode. This could distort the resolution of your barcode and make it unscannable.

Fake Barcodes or Incorrect Data Encoded

You can buy barcodes from a third party to avoid creating them yourself. Buying standardized barcodes from a third party leaves you open to the risk of getting a fake barcode or a barcode that’s been allocated to another product.

Making your own barcode through Barcode Producer is the best way to make sure that your barcode is accurate and has the correct encoded information.

Poor Quality Printing Material

The material you print your barcodes on plays a major role in how your barcode scans. Choosing the wrong or cheap materials to print your barcodes on can ruin them. 

It’s important to create barcodes that will stand up to sunlight, scratches, moisture, or any other elements your barcodes may encounter. Picking reliable and sturdy barcode material is the best way to make sure that your barcodes will hold up.

Barcode Tips for Avoiding Mistakes

Testing your barcodes is one of the best ways to make sure that your barcodes are accurate. You can test your barcodes for their accuracy before printing, which can help you catch and solve any problems early. 

With our IntelliScanner barcode scanner, you can test your barcodes whenever you need to make sure they are scannable and accurate.

Keeping your records up-to-date is an important step in making sure your barcodes are accurate. Make sure that you maintain accurate records and up-to-date product information. Staying on top of product information changes or updates can make it easier to make sure your barcodes are accurate.

Preparing for supply chain issues can help you be ready for any minor issues without disrupting your business. Plan ahead for supplies and things you need for your business to minimize any potential supply chain impacts.

Make Reliable Barcodes With Barcode Producer

Using trusted barcode design software, like Barcode Producer, to create, design, and customize your barcodes can help you avoid these common mistakes and create reliable barcodes that scan correctly.

Make sure your barcodes are accurate and useable by using the best barcodes for your business. Barcode Producer is the trusted standard for creating barcodes.

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