Creating Barcodes for Adobe Photoshop

Barcode Producer generates perfect barcodes. Download a free demo.

Create your barcode in Barcode Producer, then either click the Photoshop button in the toolbar, or save your barcode as a vector EPS file and open it yourself in Photoshop. In either case, Barcode Producer is creating a vector EPS file and then it's being opened in Photoshop. You'll then be prompted to rasterize the EPS into a Photoshop ready bitmap format. Choose your size and resolution carefully.

You can also place the barcode directly in your working document by selecting File > Place in Photoshop and selecting the saved EPS file. This might be preferable because you can easily insert the barcode into an existing graphic and the vector data is retained. Remember to maintain the same size as what Barcode Producer created. If you do decide to resize the barcode (which you shouldn't do), make sure you resize the graphic proportionally.

Tip: The Photoshop button in Barcode Producer is merely a shortcut for saving the barcode as a vector EPS file and opening it in Photoshop.

Barcode Producer for Mac/PC creates perfect barcodes for retail packages, labels, books, packages, and everything else.

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