What is an SSCC-18 barcode, and how is it structured?

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SSCC-18 barcodes play an important role in the packaging and transportation of consumer goods. Starting on January 1, 2023, many major companies started requiring SSCC-18 barcodes on pallet shipments.

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How Are SSCC-18 Barcodes Used?

The Serial Shipping Container Code, or SSCC-18, can be used by companies to identify a logistic unit, which can be any combination of trade items packaged together for storage and/or transport purposes —  like a case, pallet, or parcel, for example.

SSCC-18 Barcode Structure

An  SSCC-18 barcode always starts with an Application Identifier (AI) of “00”. The purpose of an Application Identifier is to attribute meaning to the numbers in a barcode value. In this case, the “00” signals that the the barcode is a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC). 

The Extension Digit comes second. It has no defined logic and is used to increase the capacity of the Serial Reference. The Extension Digit  is followed by a GS1 Company Prefix of seven to ten digits, which is a unique number that identifies your company as the owner of the barcode and the product.

Finally, there is a Serial Reference number of six to nine digits. The Serial Reference number is assigned by you, the holder of the GS1 Company Prefix, to uniquely identify a shipping container. A Serial Reference can not be reused for a minimum of 12 months. The combined length of the GS1 Company Prefix and Serial Reference always totals 16 digits.

The last number of an SSCC-18 barcode is called a check digit. This specially-calcuated digit is used to ensure both the integrity of the key and the correct composition of the barcode.  Manually calculating a barcode’s check digit involves a long and complicated formula, which is why Barcode Producer automatically calculates this value for you! 

The SSCC-18 barcode is essentially a special GS1-128 barcode. SSCC-18 barcodes are frequently encoded into GS1-128 barcodes and can also be encoded into other barcodes, such as RFID tags.

Create Reliable SSCC-18 Barcodes

SSCC barcodes carry important information about packaging and shipments. Making sure these barcodes are both accurate and scannable is essential to your supply chain and and an integral part of the product delivery and identification process.

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