Is your barcode scanable? Test it with an IntelliScanner Pro!

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How do you know the barcodes you produce can be scanned without problems? The only way to know for sure how a barcode will scan is to scan it and see what turns up. Barcode Producer has a built-in checking system to help make sure that your barcodes are accurate. While our checking system can give you a fairly good idea of your barcode’s all-aroundreadability, it is not intended to replace an ISO-certified verification device. The Barcode Producer verification feature works with the IntelliScanner Pro, which is a USB barcode scanner that sends back the barcode data to Barcode Producer to verify the value is accurate.

Every scanner has built-in features that are designed to optimize the scanning process. It’s important to note that there are no scanners that you buy to scan barcodes that will tell you whether your barcode image is ISO compliant. You should be sure to use a scanner that you trust because there are scanners out there that will scan damaged barcodes. This can falsely verify a barcode that isn’t actually usable. 

IntelliScanner Pro is an inexpensive, capable handheld scanner that you can use to reliably make sure a barcode will read well under most circumstances. IntelliScanner Pro is available on Amazon and the IntelliScanner website

How you print your barcode can have a big impact on whether or not your barcode will scan. To have the best chances of success, consider these steps when printing barcodes:

If you have an IntelliScanner, you can find Barcode Producer’s built-in testing feature under Advanced > IntelliScanner Barcode Tester.

And here’s a look at the Barcode Tester:

Barcode Producer's testing feature screen

Barcode Producer for Mac/PC creates perfect barcodes for retail packages, labels, books, packages, and everything else.

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