Tips & tricks for designing better barcode labels

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Designing reliable, quality barcodes can be a difficult task. There are several factors that contribute to a barcode’s readability. We’ve outlined a few of the most important items to be on the look out for while designing your barcodes. 

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Barcode Tips & Tricks

Choose the right barcode type. Selecting the correct barcode type (also known as barcode symbology) for the information you need to encode is vital. If you choose an incorrect barcode type for your needs, your barcode might not work. Furthermore, if you’re making retail barcodes, choosing the incorrect barcode type could result in your products being rejected by potential sellers and distributors. . Check out our Symbology Guide to learn more about different types of barcodes and their unique uses.

Choosing the right size for your barcode
 is also essential when it comes to creating readable, usable barcodes. If you alter your barcode ratio too much or make it too small, it could be unreadable. Barcode Producer will give you label size guides as you create and design your barcodes to make sure your barcodes meet labeling regulations and requirements.

Font size
is important to a barcode’s readability. If your font is too small, it can make your barcode unreadable. Barcode Producer offers a variety of readable barcode fonts with recommended sizing to keep your barcodes scannable.

We recommended to keep your barcode labels as simple as possible. A simple barcode reduces the chance that your barcode has issues scanning because there is less information that could detract from the barcode itself.

Use vector graphics for your barcodes. Vector graphics store a lot of data in smaller image files that can be scaled to almost any size without negatively affecting the resolution of your barcodes.

Keep your color combinations simple. It can be tempting to add a lot of design to your barcodes, but being too creative with your colors can make your barcode unscannable. It’s a good idea to use highly-contrasting colors to ensure your  barcodes readable.

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Following these tips when designing your barcodes can help keep your barcodes clear and easy to scan. A dedicated barcode design software like Barcode Producer has this sort of guidance built in! Our guidelines and recommendations make it easier for you to design clear, readable barcodes.

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